Showcasing innovative films in horror, fantasy, and spiritual genres from around the world, with a special emphasis on work by visionary female filmmakers.


29 otherworldly films from 9 countries. 23 made by female filmmakers.


After Dark Inferno by Alex Browning
Spiritual | 2:44 | United Kingdom
A dreamscape story of a discovering faith, guidance and strength beneath the waters.
Blood Runs Down by Zandashe Brown
HORROR | FEMALE EYE | 17:30 | United States
It’s the night before Ana’s fifth birthday and Elize wants to make sure all is in order to give her daughter the best celebration yet. Invitations have been sent, food has been prepared, and Ana’s last braid is finally secured, meaning it’s time to rest before the big day. Consistently weary from the never-ending job of single motherhood with no outlets for her own care, Elize searches for a place for her own peace and vulnerability. But for women like her, vulnerability comes with a price. When Elize undergoes a frightening transition, Ana must decide between saving her or protecting herself in this haunting account of inheritance, daughterhood, and demons.
Blood Sisters by Jakob Ekvall
HORROR | 21:30 | Sweden
The teenagers Freya & Louise spend their last days of summer vacation at Freya's parents house. Strange disappearances plague the neighborhood and the man next door reveals to be much more than what first meets the eye. Freya & Louise get involved in a murder mystery when they become key witnesses to a supernatural incident. Instead of calling the police or telling Freya's parents the girls decide to take matter into their own hands.
Bloody Hell by Katharina Hingst
When Camille wakes up on the morning of her 16th birthday the world seems to have changed over night. Nothing makes sense and everything sucks. While impatiently waiting to finally start her first period, she's challenged with the emotional stages of premenstrual chaos, struggling to break free to begin her transition into womanhood.
Can You Hear Me? by Altagracia Diamond Abreu & William Mun
A girl unleashes a malevolent entity when she plays a cursed tape.
Cold Call by Linda Mai Green
Fantasy | FEMALE EYE | 3:05 | UNITED States
"Cold Call" is a psychothriller about a séance gone wrong. Indebted to neo-noir films of the '80s, the film is about power changing hands, disorientation, melodrama, and doubling. It features professional modern dancer Carolina Czechowska and a score by Maxwell Citron.
Could This Be Ok by James Baker & Alison Woodward
Fantasy | FEMALE EYE | 3:58 | Australia
DEAN FOREVER encounter a mysterious Orb. Kiah develops a possessive bond, but must accept that the Orb's destiny lies on a different path. Filmed in the Naracoorte Caves World Heritage site, South Australia.
Creswick by Natalie Erika James
Horror | FEMALE EYE | 9:30 | Australia
While a young woman helps her father pack up his house, they are both increasingly aware of the presence that they always knew was there.
Cygnus by Cara Hagan & Robert Uehlin
Spiritual | FEMALE EYE | 6:14 | United States
A short screendance filmed on location on Battle Lake, MN. Cygnus invites us to revel in the beauty of the sunrise over calm waters as the moon slips behind the horizon. A celebration of the earth, the body, and their kinship.
Devórame (Eat Me) by Helena Aguilera
fantasy | FEMALE EYE | 9:00 | Mexico
Late at night, two policemen attack the owner of a local restaurant. Her sister steps in, however, and soon the secret ingredient of their sandwiches is revealed. It’s to die for!
Eternal Resonance by Solovieva Indira
SPIRITUAL | FEMALE EYE | 8:00 | France
When a string is struck and another is tuned to the same frequency it will vibrate in sympathy! Resonance... and what if this phenomenon was universal? Perhaps our loved ones would always be within range of our vibrations and our lost ones forever next to us.
Hair Wolf by Mariama Diallo
Horror | FEMALE EYE | 12:12 | UNITED States
In a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture.
"I'm Ready" by Harriet Mishoulam & Von Bilka
Fantasy | FEMALE EYE | 3:00 | UNITED States
As Susan gets ready, nuisances occur. Am I ready? Yes I think so.
Knock at the Door by Michael Constable
Horror | FEMALE EYE | 8:51 | UNITED States
On an autumn afternoon, an elderly Mrs. Harris gets ready for a relaxing evening at home when she is interrupted by a stranger at her doorstep. Convinced by the stranger's charm, Mrs. Harris lets him in to her home.
Knock Knock by Kennikki Jones
Horror | FEMALE EYE | 13:57 | UNITED States
Sinia does the best she can to help the kids next door, however when they are in danger, she does nothing. Stricken by guilt, she decides to check on the kids, but she discovers is a chilling reality that pushes her over the edge. 
Malacostraca by Charles Pieper
Horror | FEMALE EYE | 15:36 | UNITED States
A failing writer looses his grip on reality as his wife grows pregnant with their child... 'Malacostraca' was shot by DP Ava Benjamin Shorr. It features practical creature puppet effects created by legendary FX artist Gabe Bartalos (Brain Damage, Leprechaun, The Cremaster Cycle, Gremlins 2).
Musa Malvada by Liz Tabish
LONDON, 1929. A fortune teller with dark secrets of her own visits various clientele throughout the city. As she navigates the tempestuous personalities and shocking visions, she must choose between telling the truth and protecting her world.
Preri Foon by Jen Tamayo Jörford
Fantasy | FEMALE EYE | 4:50 | Sweden
Fragile windows witness downfall in an artificial light of dawn.
Quiver by Shayna Connelly
Suzanne’s grief transcends the boundaries of the natural world and arouses a primordial being. She courts this ghost, using intellect and desire to forge a union between them. Quiver melds horror and passion with Virginia Woolf’s idea of a woman requiring a ‘room of her own’ in which to uncover her true identity. Can Suzanne force a rift into the supernatural realm to build a space where she can coexist with what haunts her?
Roller Ghost by Judith Beauvallet
Fantasy | FEMALE EYE | 2:20 | France
A young woman tries her new rollers in the attic, but the pretty roller skates will attract an unexpected lustful spirit.
Scare BnB by Lizzie Guitreau
Three ghost hunters get a house call at an Airbnb.
Skjemt Blod by Gwenmarie White
Horror | FEMALE EYE | 6:04 | UNITED States
In her CalArts thesis, SKJEMT BLOD (which translates to “bad blood” or “tainted blood” in Norwegian), Gwenmarie White uses what she has coined “girl kvlture” as a vehicle for meditation on American brutality. The orchestral black metal adaptation of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” takes advantage of the tension between the sounds and images of pop culture and metal culture to call attention to larger aspects of violence and pleasure. “My goal is to always straddle the line between critique and complicity,” says White, “because it is a critique…but it’s also a love letter.” The line in SKJEMT BLOD is always moving, digging stubbornly and disturbingly deeper into tropes and stereotypes rather than dismantling them. Suburban whiteness rears its ugly (but also, like, really, really pretty) head, proving that “trve” brutality takes many forms, and moves with an insidious ease throughout the institutions of late-stage capitalism.
Sour Apples by Madeleine Hicks
Horror | FEMALE EYE | 11:55 | UNITED States
These neighborhood ladies may seem sweeter than the apple pies they bake you when you move in next door, but they've got a dark secret they've been hiding. And it's got nothing to do with the nutmeg.
TAAROF (a verbal dance) by Alannah Olivia
Spiritual | FEMALE EYE | 15:00 | UNITED kingdom
TAAROF is the story of one woman’s battle with herself, to fight against the cultural, social but also self-imposed limitations of what it is to be an ethnic female in todays society, growing up in London. When Nazanin attends her estranged fathers funeral she is compelled into womanhood, by rebelling against the ideals of what it is to be an Iranian woman.
Terminally in Love by Emily Jenkins & Justin Black
Fantasy | FEMALE EYE | 17:00 | UNITED STATES
Terminally in Love is a first-person journey through the mind of Quinn, a neurotic stoner struggling to get over her ex-girlfriend Allie as she slips from reality into a stream of heroic fantasies, wistful memories, and cringe-worthy dreams.
The Blank Page by Natalia Miranda Lastra
SPIRITUAL | FEMALE EYE | 9:05 | Puerto Rico
Death tells us the loopy tale of one woman's body.
The God Inside My Ear by Joe Badon
HORROR | 1:39:51 | United States
After experiencing a peculiar and sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Elizia discovers a world of conspiracies, strange voices and horrifying visions.
The Hobbyist by George Vatistas
Horror | 8:37 | UNITED STATES
A short neo-noire thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by Sangstrom, a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. Yet, Sangstrom winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.
Zhuangzi and the Skull by Manas Sirakanyan
Spiritual | 11:06 | Russia
Philosopher Zhuangzi encounters a mysterious Skull, that leads him on a spiritual trip to the border of life and death.