Showcasing innovative films in horror, fantasy, and spiritual genres from around the world, with a special emphasis on work by visionary female filmmakers.
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Mission statement

Third Eye Film Festival aims to build a community dedicated to showcasing ‘otherworldly’ stories and supports the work of visionary female filmmakers in spiritual, fantasy, and horror genres.


The Festival

Founded by filmmakers perpetually in pursuit of the unknown, Third Eye Film Festival (TEFF) aims to build a community of visionary artists who explore ‘otherworldly’ stories with themes of fantasy, occult, and mysticism. The festival’s objective is to provide a new platform which profiles films that delve into spiritual and supernatural realms.


Female Eye


Best Film
Best Female Eye

"L as in Light" by Damiana Acuña  2016 Female Eye Winner, 2016 Official Selection

"L as in Light" by Damiana Acuña
2016 Female Eye Winner, 2016 Official Selection

Female Eye Category

Third Eye Film Festival strives to elevate the work of female filmmakers who work in spiritual, fantasy, and horror genres. Through the Female Eye category, TEFF offers discounted submissions fees for films made by women to encourage their participation. Films selected for this category will be highlighted in the Festival Program. TEFF is incredibly proud of its goal to break stigmas and highlight powerful female-driven content, ultimately opening doors to social change.

"Gardening at Night" by Shayna Connelly  2016 Official Selection

"Gardening at Night" by Shayna Connelly
2016 Official Selection

Spiritual Category

Third Eye Film Festival supports and encourages unconventional storytelling through its unique Spiritual category. This category provides a home for genre-fluid films about humanity, the intangible, and what lies beyond. Films may be direct narratives about spirituality, rituals, and faith. These complex concepts also naturally lend themselves to filmmaking techniques that are dreamlike, performative, or otherwise experimental. TEFF believes ‘magic’ is a universally relatable concept that can only be defined by the individual, and can mean anything from astrology, to higher powers, to meditation. With the Spiritual category, Third Eye Film Festival proudly celebrates the marriage of art & personal truths.

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Meet the Team


Darian Brenner

Co-Founder, Festival Director

Darian is an award-winning filmmaker and artist from Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. After receiving a BFA in Film & Animation from Rhode Island School of Design, she has worked on a host of films and commercials in the art, fashion and horror genres. Her work has been displayed on the Times Square Nasdaq tower and her clients include Patricia Field, Nicola Formichetti, Dover Street Market and Scooter LaForge, among many others. In her free time she creates a popular webcomic called Vampire High School. She currently lives in New Orleans.


Namrata Desai

Co-Founder, Festival Director

Namrata was born in Mumbai, India and grew up in northern New Jersey. She is an internationally screened filmmaker and artist, currently living in Los Angeles. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, double-majoring in Graphic Design and Film from the Rhode Island School of Design. Subsequently she was awarded the Creative Impact Scholarship to study in Dublin, Ireland. There she received a Master of Arts in Creative Process at Uversity, National University of Ireland.


Tyler Byrnes


Tyler Byrnes is a New York City based filmmaker specializing in genre films, often with a queer focus. Born and raised near Buffalo, NY, Byrnes relocated to NYC in 2010 to attend the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College where he graduated with honors in Film Production and Studies in 2014. In 2016 his short film BREAKFAST hit the festival circuit and garnered six awards and over thirty official selections, including Best Film from the Third Eye Film Festival and Best Screenplay from the Mirror Mountain Film Festival. Byrnes is also a special juror for the upcoming Mirror Mountain Film Festival 2019 and co-hosted the East Village Queer Film Festival 2018.


Ryan Rigley


Ryan is a filmmaker from New York City with a passion for all things funny or terrifying. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2012 with a BFA in screenwriting. Since then, Ryan has written and directed content for companies such as AOL, MSN, MTV News, Comic Book Resources, and High Times. He was also quoted in New York magazine once for tweeting about Terry Richardson’s penis.


Valerie Krulfeifer


A graduate of Boston University’s School of Communications, Valerie has edited seven feature films and dozens of shorts, trailers, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and music videos over the span of six years. Her focus in her feature editorial work has consistently been in horror and genre films. Her most recent feature film, Carnage Park, premiered at Sundance in 2016, and has been released theatrically by IFC Midnight. It will mark her third theatrical release in a single year as a feature editor. Valerie has also recently been named one of the top 10 exceptional female editors in
genre filmmaking.